Basic & simple design of a snowflake.After Donald Trump won the 2016 election by virtue of the electoral college and against the actual will of the people, conservatives began referring to those who spoke out against Trump and his assuming office despite having fewer votes than Hillary Clinton as ‘snowflakes’.   They used the term to insult those on the other side of the political spectrum insinuating they were fragile and easily harmed.

It was not long after when I heard the retort that it was the conservatives who are the ones who are like snowflakes.  White, cold and if you get enough of them together, you close public schools.

So, let’s explore this just a bit.  Who are the real snowflakes?

The conservatives point to some college campuses where there are ‘safe zones’ and mock those who protest by screaming to the universe or wear ‘pussy hats’.  They not only love the fact that a xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, narcissistic sociopath got elected, but they are more enamored with the fact that a pantsuit wearing, liberal woman got defeated – even if she received more votes.

They point out that liberals want stupid things like clean air, clean water, a level playing field, religious freedom (yes, that mean freedom from YOUR religion, too), equal rights for all citizens (no, not illegal aliens) and humane treatment for all.  Living wages are socialism/communism.  Equal rights are pandering to minorities.  Wanting to breathe clean air or drink clean water makes you a ‘tree hugger’ or an ’earth muffin’.

Why, of course they believe that liberals are snowflakes with this kind of agendas.  On the other hand, let’s explore a bit about what bothers conservatives.

This morning on Twitter I encountered two rough, tough conservatives.  One was upset because Costco sent back a donation check because the company who sent it dealt in firearms.  One was a video of a man verbally attacking a woman in a coffee shop because she was wearing a chador (traditional Muslim garb).

Now, let’s reflect on this for a sec.  In neither of these cases did Costco or the Muslim woman do anything to affect these conservatives lives, but both of them felt it necessary to go out of their way to attack them.  Why?  It isn’t like Costco said that no Trump supporters could shop there nor was the woman in the coffee shop trying to convert others to Islam.  They were just exercising their God given freedoms to do as they choose.

Do liberals do that?  No, the things we get wrapped around the axle about are things that affect our daily lives.  Breathing.  Eating.  Drinking.  Finding employment.  Paying bills.  Using the bathroom.  Getting married.  Finding a home.  Keeping our public places safe.

Over what else do conservatives get their collective panties in a wad?  Man buns.  Sagging pants.  Disrespecting the flag (or what they think is a public display of disrespect).  Disrespecting the National Anthem.  Leading prayers in schools to the God they think all children should be praying.

Do you see the difference here?  Who has been killed or injured by a man bun, or sagging pants or the simple act of wearing modest clothing?  Who was harmed by Costco not wanting to take donations they felt were tainted by the gun industry?  Why do they think they have the right to dictate how my child prays?

There is a saying about the limitations of freedom which has been attributed to different people, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant.

“Your freedom to swing your fist ends where my nose begins”

I think that should be the standard for attacking the actions of others.

Oh, and definitely it is the cons who are the true snowflakes.

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