DgpgiYVXkAcTpKbRecently I responded to a Tweet from Dana Loesch stating that she had ‘floated the idea that Trump is a virtuous, effective leader even though (she wasn’t) qualified in any way to make that statement’.  An American Patriot (@PatriotMinear) responded with the following:

“I’ve lived through four Presidents who were filthy globalists and failed this country, Trump is different…

 That’s what makes me completely qualified to say yes President Trump is a Great Leader”

…and that got me to thinking.  The Tweet was later deleted, but it is still on my phone, so the quotes are accurate, and I am not sure why he deleted the Tweet, but here is my response.

I’ve lived through eleven Presidents before Trump.

  • Eisenhower was a war hero and a true American patriot. In my opinion the last good Republican President.
  • Kennedy was a visionary and a Civil Rights advocate.
  • Johnson was pragmatic and also an advocate for Civil Rights.
  • Nixon was paranoid and a crook as evidenced by not only his actions concerning the break-in at the Watergate Hotel, but also his close, personal friendship with suspected mob banker, Bebe Rebozo.
  • Ford was a good man who may have been a good President if his ascension to the office was not marred by Nixon’s actions and he had more time
  • Carter was (and is) a good man who may have been too good and honest to be a great President
  • Reagan was pretty much a pretty face, smooth voice and empty suit for American oligarchs
  • Bush 41 was a spy and an internationalist and paid too little attention to domestic issues
  • Clinton was a sneak and a philanderer but had a mixed bag of economic and domestic policies
  • Bush 43 was a spoiled rich kid with all the advantages and never had to take responsibility for anything in his life
  • Obama may have been the smartest of the bunch but had a penchant for underestimating the hatred and vitriol of his political opponents

Three things which can be said for each of them are 1) they didn’t use the office for personal enrichment (except Clinton, to a minor extent) 2) their actions were inspired by their love of country and 3) they were leaders off the free world.  The third is a position which has gone along with the Presidency since the height of World War II because of our nation’s position on the world stage, regardless of whether or not such a position was desired.

Eisenhower had commanded not only American forces but allied ones, as well, and had sent many men of different nationalities to the ultimate sacrifice of the greater good and understood the relationships.  Kennedy stood up against the expanse of Communist power in the Cuban missile crisis and his stance against the Berlin Wall (Ich bin ein Berliner!).  Johnson used forces to stem the tide of Communist expansion into Southeast Asia.  Nixon ended the Vietnam War and opened up travel and trade with China.  Carter stood resolute in the face of terrorism.  Reagan fought the Cold War.  Bush 41 oversaw the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union.  Clinton bombed Iraq into destroying their WMDs and, right or wrong, increased trade and US exports.  Bush 43 took on global terrorism and overthrew a brutal dictator in Saddam Hussein.  Obama was instrumental in the take down of Qaddafi and the Arab Spring.

The closest of the bunch to be a ‘filthy globalist’ would have been Bush 41 who orchestrated the Iran-Contra deal (including the running of drugs into the United States) and circumvented the ‘October Surprise’ of 1980 by making deals with terrorists (Iran).

What none of them did was bully and unnecessarily piss off our closest allies.  None of them showed disrespect and disdain to our trading partners by negotiating though the press and Twitter.  None of them brought a tin-horn dictator to the international spotlight and prominence, giving away the defense of a close ally in exchange for an empty promise.  None of them referred to the majority of Americans as ‘losers’ and ‘enemy’.  None of them openly supported white supremacists and none of them blamed the other party for not stopping their own actions.

So you don’t think Trump is a ‘filthy globalist’?  Isn’t he the one who penned land deals in Mexico and swindled many Americans out of their life savings?  Isn’t he the one who (openly) asked a foreign government to provide incriminating evidence against his political opponent? Isn’t he the one who is using his office to make sweet business deals for himself and his daughter with China and Saudi Arabia? Isn’t he the one who, as a candidate, had members of his campaign meet with agents of a foreign government that later actively attacked his opponent and threw their weight behind his election efforts?

If it looks, walks, swims and quacks like a duck…..

Oh, and as far as being a leader, he went bankrupt running a casino, of all things.

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